Millions of people everywhere suffer daily with respiratory illness. This number is only growing. And while there is a huge amount of research being done by talented specialists all around the world, too little of this research is being converted into viable products and brought successfully to market. Too little of this innovation ends up reaching the very people who are desperate for solutions.

We can change that.

Working together with you, we can discover and nurture promising products. Together, we can bring them to market and to patients faster and successfully. Together, we will change the world of lung health.

join us.

Researchers, investors and entrepreneurs, if you’re interested in our shared objective of bringing respiratory innovations to market, we’d love to hear from you:


Inspired by the Dutch Lung Foundation (Longfonds), LungHealth was created as a vehicle to bring the most promising innovations in respiratory research to the world. A start-up for start-ups, LungHealth’s mission is to speed up the journey from “bench to bedside”, to ensure that life-saving innovations reach the hands (and lungs) of respiratory sufferers everywhere.

For each innovation selected, we bring together the necessary investors and expertise to build a business around this cutting-edge research and convert it into a marketable product.


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LungHealth is powered by the Dutch Lung Foundation.

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